Shark Bites

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Hollywood Dave: What are some of the major factors that affect a settlement?


Rob the Shark: The number one and most important factor in assessing the value of your settlement is whether or not you follow the instructions of your attorney. Here’s the thing, if you’re calling us and you’re injured, and we as your attorney take our time and set you up with a doctor, set you up with the best medical treatment you need, set you up with experts, your tests like an MRI or whatever else is needed to identify your injuries, please follow our instructions. That is the key to success. It is very simple; it is all about teamwork. We will make sure to get you the best treatment for your injuries. That allows us to fight for the highest amount possible under the circumstances.




Hollywood Dave: If I’m in an accident, what happens to my bike?


Rob the Shark: The first thing they are going to do is take your bike and put it in an impound under the law. They’re not going to take your bike where you want it to go. Now, a lot of people don’t know that, they are going to charge you a daily storage fee somewhere between $70-$80 per day. There will also be charges for towing. By the time you figure out what’s going on with your bike or where it’s at you will owe $300 or $400. You may not even have the money to get the bike out. Or it’s difficult for you. Before you know it you get a lien notice because you have not paid for the storage regardless the condition your bike is in. It could mean: “Bye, Bye, Bike!” The first thing we are going to do for you, is identify where the bike is located. We will make sure it gets out of there. We will contact the insurance company and get your bike out of there! We will get them to pay that tow bill and to pay to get the bike out of the storage yard and to a safe place where it won’t incur more costs for you. If you don’t want to lose your bike, that’s what has to be done. That’s our first priority, your motorcycle. We know how much it means to you.


Hollywood Dave: I feel a lot better knowing shark squad is on the case. Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side.




Hollywood Dave: what is involved in investigating an accident?


Rob the Shark: Investigation is everything. Especially in cases with a dispute in liability. If there’s a lot of evidence, skid marks, witnesses and similar, just imagine everything possible to mess-up your case is out there, and the other’s insurance company is spending a lot of time and money throwing their investigators to frame the case against you. We have our own team of investigators. We send them out. These guys are fast to the scene, and they investigate. They take measurements. Take photos and help us build up your case. Because we know what the insurance companies are doing to some of our cases right now as we speak. So, rest assured we have the best investigators out there, working hard on your case.


Hollywood Dave: Sounds like information that every client should know. Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side.




Hollywood Dave: Well, I know Shark Squad is great with motorcycles, but what if I’m hit in a car?


Rob the Shark: Obviously we specialize in motorcycle accidents and obviously there’s leverage in those cases. However, we have wonderful attorneys who also deal with automobile cases, extremely aggressively and you can call the Shark Squad as well. If God forbid you had an auto accident, give us a call. We will fight the case just as hard as we fight our motorcycle cases.


Hollywood Dave: Wow! Glad you guys are there in all cases. Remember Shark Squad is always riding by your side.



Hollywood Dave: What if I’m in an accident and I don’t have auto insurance?


Rob the Shark: You know David? It happens; obviously you should have insurance. If you don’t have insurance and you are in a motorcycle accident and you want to present a claim, you are limited by law. You fall under what the law calls proposition 213. You cannot get your pain and suffering and emotional distress settlements. What we refer to as noneconomic damages. However, we will always help you. Call us. Whether you have your driver’s license or not. Whether you have insurance or not. We will help you. You can still recover economic damages. Such as damages to your motorcycle, your medical bills, your hospital bills, we are not here to make a buck. We are here to help you. We are riders, you are a rider and we will do whatever to help. Give us a call.


Hollywood Dave: Glad the Shark Squad is always on my side.