by WOG Mag

Wheels Of Grace Magazine is a conservative motorcycle magazine with Traditional American Values that the majority of motorcycle riders in this country believe in and live by.  We believe that the world is headed the opposite direction and we focus on publishing a magazine that our children, grandchildren and even our spouse can look at, read and enjoy.

The magazine was birthed in 2002 and has circulated thousands of copies over several years to places where other magazines don’t have distribution.  From prisons to our troops, from motorcycle ministries to biker churches, and to the usual spots such as motorcycle rallies, motorcycle conventions, motorcycle dealerships as far as Beijing China, and mailed to subscribers all over the world.

Over the years, Wheels Of Grace has been able through the “Unity Rides” to bring together thousands of riders from different groups and organizations, in over twenty cities to raise money and collect toys for the children’s foundations: Make-A-Wish, Angel Tree and Teen Challenge.  Upon the launch of the Unity Rides once again, Wheels Of Grace will focus on helping the Veterans.

Wheels Of Grace, is more than a magazine subscription. By supporting Wheels Of Grace, you help us send magazines to our troops, the ones behind bars or someone you feel needs the Gospel “Biker Style”. Email us for more details or SUBSCRIBE today.  Tell your friend about Wheels Of Grace and be a part of something great!

Burn Rubber Not Your Soul!
Peter Kaye


Educate, entertain and promote the motorcycle enthusiast with a publication that is honest, clean, and worthy to be enjoyed by all, free from content that is offensive. We support Traditional American Values and believe that God is the foundation of our country and the freedom we have been blessed with. This same sacred freedom is what we experience and enjoy as we get into the wind when we ride.