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From Sin-City to God’s calling

The story of Sean Barulli by Peter Kaye

“I have a condition God!” Were the words that Sean cried out to God on January
January 29, 2005. The man who started as a Black Jack dealer and is now a Casino floor supervisor at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada tells his story and how God worked in his life.

My life is not mine anymore and my transformation was Supernatural” were the first words that Sean told us during this interview. “I used to live a life of drunkenness, greed and whatever else came with it. My self-destructive lifestyle never allowed me to think about sobering up and accepting success. Today I live a life for God, I am God conscious with a filter that goes through me, which I believe is the Holy Spirit of God. I do not go on a single motorcycle ride without being prompted by God and always pray before I ride. My name is Sean Barulli and this is my story.


The life I am living is not the life I dreamed of while seating on a barstool. The plans God has placed in my path and in my life have been nothing I ever imagined. I have been a volunteer at Joyce Meyer Ministries for the last 12 years and to say the least it has been a blessing being obedient to God’s calling. Joyce Meyer Ministry has been amazing! I have met many great people and have made life long friends. I have never been married, but I do have two children out of wedlock, two sons that are now grown. I am hoping to get married one day if it’s God’s will.

God gave me a vision in my heart about building the Revelation Bike. I prayed and meditated about it for a couple of years. I saved as much as I could for the down payment and in 2012,

I bought a Harley-Davidson Street Glide. I worked as much as I could and paid it off before beginning the built of the Revelation Bike.

I used to live a life of drunkenness, greed and whatever else came with it. My self-destructive lifestyle never allowed me to think about sobering up and accepting success. Today I live a life for God, I am God conscious with a filter that goes through me, which I believe is the Holy Spirit of God.”

The 30” front wheel was custom made by Doug McGoon of Mad Wheels in Anaheim, California. The 12 spokes are the Sword of Solomon and represent the 12 Tribes of Israel. Each sword has a genuine stone that represents the ephod that the high priest used to wear before entering the Holy of Holies.

The front fairing is highlighted by a cross that lights-up and you cannot miss once the sun goes down; just like on the rear of the bike where the Crown Of Thorns also light up.

The Tour Pack was originally to be the Scroll with the 10 commandments but we summed it up with: Matthew 22:37-40 “love your enemy and love your friend”. The bike has front and rear air-rides and a center kickstand. 103” cubic inch motor and all reborn: Cams, Air Intake, Exhaust System all upgraded.

The bike was originally black and was painted by Eric Contreras of Powerhouse Customs.

I reached out to Eric and asked him in detail about not only painting the bike but also building it.

It is a masterpiece to say the least and the detail in the graphics and how it tells the story is one of a kind. People stop and stare… and ask… and want to know… and the opportunity is right there! They have just asked me to share my testimony and tell them about the One that set me free from my previous life of bondage.

During our travels in 2015, we personally had the pleasure of meeting Eric Contreras

of Powerhouse Customs and we spent an afternoon taking photos of his masterpieces.

To see more of the Powerhouse beauties go to the link at the end of this paragraph

or if you are reading our digital magazine online, simply press the link below:

The theme of the Custom Paint begins in the rear of the bike where the Demons are being defeated and two crosses light up in red for Jesus’ blood. This bike demonstrates the war that occurs on a daily basis in the Spirit World. The lady taking the arrow is Eve, taking a hit for mankind. The demon, is fighting and trying to get to Jesus. But Jesus is focused on the Father and nothing is bothering Him. And of course, the praying hands are the prayer of the Saints.


The war begins and we fight back. The theme of the sword goes throughout the bike, showing how we will fight back. Even the eat has the theme of the Sword. The front fender was supposed to be a Sword but due to some complications – or God interference – it ended up with a photo displaying the Holy Spirit.

It took from November to April to complete the project. I just waited… and waited. I wanted to pick up the phone and call daily but I trusted Eric and Powerhouse Customs and actually, I didn’t even give them a deadline. God was in control from day one on this project and the timing was also in His hands. Most that see it comment how t is the prettiest bike they have ever seen.

I was once at Las Vegas Bike Fest and a woman started crying just looking at the bike. Her husband had a bike in the show. I have only entered the bike in two shows and placed in both: People’s Choice Award at the Las Vegas Bike Fest as well as Best Bagger and, in Laughlin. I am not really lead to enter the bike in shows but to display it more at Charity and Churches events. You see, no matter if you believe in God, His Son or the Bible, you believe in some kind of End-Times.


As Sean shared his story, we had many questions to ask him and proceeded in order to get answers for you, our reader.

WOG: Where were you born?

SB: I was born in Los Angeles in 1963. I was brought to Las Vegas at six months of age. My parents divorced in 1976 when I was thirteen, and I always went back and forth not having a primary home or stability.

WOG: Is it hard being a Bible-believing Christian and living in Las Vegas?

SB: Most think, that living in Vegas and being a Christian is hard or even impossible – and it can be for some – but for others it is an every-day mission field.

WOG: What did you want to do growing up?

SB: I always wanted to be a professional baseball player and coached baseball for sometime. God had other plans and He is now my main passion along with Golf, travelling and of course, bikes.

WOG: What was, your first bike?

SB: A Kawasaki 550 LTD 1982.

WOG: What was, the worst bike you ever owned?

SB: The same Kawasaki 550 LTD 1982.

WOG: How old were you when you read the Bible for first time?

SB: I was 42. It was in 2005. It took me 10-12 years to get to it and began to understand it.

WOG: Never read from the Bible before 2005?

SB: Nope.

WOG: What was the biggest blessing in your life?

SB: Getting to go to Israel. It will be my first time and I will be baptized in the river Jordan. I’m praying that God will show me something new.

WOG: What is the most significant difference between the Sean from 2005, B.C if you like and the Sean of today?

SB: I have peace. Peace beyond understanding. My eyes were opened and I see…I see the corruption in the world.


No doubt that I went through some hard times since 2005. As you know your life changes. I was dealing Craps in Circus-Circus. The industry itself and what comes with it, the drinking, the gambling… was terrible; but God… He pulled me out. It’s really hard for a Christian to remain in that lifestyle and live for God at the same time.

WOG: Do you have any doubts?

SB: Of course. I don’t understand the suffering. Why people do not all get healed. I’m talking about people that believe in God and believe in healing.

WOG: That’s a tough question. One that we will never know the answer to, this side of heaven. What do you consider the best decision you ever made aside from surrendering your life to God?

SB: Best decision aside from God… To NOT take another drink, ever, no matter what. At times it got embarrassing you know? Sometimes in a bad way.

WOG: Care to share?

SB: Not really. But I’ll tell you about a funny time that I think about and laugh at myself. It is embarrassing to imagine myself on the dance floor, dancing with a Heineken!

WOG: What is your favorite quote.

SB: Right out of Psalm 51:10: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

WOG: Your favorite shows to watch on TV.

SB: Joseph Prince

WOG: OK, how about your favorite TV show to watch.

SB: Ink Master. I don’t have any tattoos but I enjoy watching it.

WOG: What is your dream bike?

SB: I’m blessed to own it!

WOG: What is your dream car or truck?

SB: Probably a Corvette.

WOG: What is your favorite color?

SB: Blue, God’s sky and His creation.

WOG: What is your favorite food or dish?

SB: Italian. Scallops over pasta.

WOG: What is your favorite animal?

SB: My dog. White German Shepherd named Blessy.

WOG: Your favorite hero?

SB: King David. God is very forgiving.

WOG: Your favorite book?

SB: The Left Behind series.

WOG: Can we shift gears and talk a little about the tragic incident that occurred where you currently work, Mandalay Bay?

SB: Sure.

WOG: Were you working that night?

SB: I happened to be off that day. But I know how it unfolded. We have procedures to follow. We also have an evacuation system but that was thrown out. Everyone was on lockdown. There was no coordination. Our phones started blowing up and no one knew anything about what was happening. Not having to be there that night I prayed for the people that were.

The afterthought is one of numbness and disbelief. I can remember it, like it was yesterday. I went to work the next day.


WOG: Have you met anyone that was there that night?

SB: A few people. I met a fellow named Bob Patterson. He was there that night with his wife. His wife did not make it. I’m in the photo with him and the other photo is Bob with his family.

WOG: So you told me about a prayer ministry that has come out of this tragedy.

SB: Yes. I don’t belong to a group or a Motorcycle Ministry. But I do sometimes ride with the ONE WAY RIDERS, a local Motorcycle Ministry. They are a Christian group. I met them at the site where the shooting took place. They go there and comfort the visitors that lost loved ones. That’s what I do too. I ride there on Saturday nights and use the Revelation Bike to attract people visiting the site, talk with them and pray for them. That’s how I met Bob and his family.

WOG: That’s great work you are doing Sean! Tell me, what would you like to be remembered by?

SB: As someone that loves God, because of what He did for me, and through my life. Keeping Him first in my life is another thing I would like to be remembered by.

WOG: If you could say something to a younger version of you, what would you say to young Sean today?

SB: I would probably say to read the Word of God and get guidance and foundation there, instead of getting it from a million other sources in the world.

WOG: What’s next?

SB: Israel. Israel is next!



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