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Erik Contreras is the owner of Power house Custom Cycles. On one of my trips across country and while going through my old stumping grounds – literally just a few miles from our old office in N.W. Houston I came across Power house Custom Cycles and my eyes locked on their dream machines! So I decided to pull in, and find out more about them. After Erik showed me around and got to talking with him for sometime, I decided to stay in Houston for the night and return the next day to take photos of the Customs Erik had created.


Erik is originally from Mexico City, and has been living in the states for over 20 years. He started working when he was 19 years at a steel fabrication shop (isn’t that how it usually starts? At the fabrication shop?) From that point on, Erik worked in many other places doing many other things but mainly in the welding and fabrication industry. One of his hobbies are painting and airbrushing, something he has done for 15 years. In 2008 during the recession, Erik was forced to leave the oil industry and look for other sources of income. And right there, in the middle of a recession is where Erik’s luck changed. He started working at collision shops where he perfected his body repair and paint skills to the point where he was able now to design, fabricate and paint complete chassis and parts.


Almost 10 years ago he decided to start his own business in the motorcycle industry and so Power house Custom Cycles was birthed. It was his first time in business, and his first shop.

Power house Custom Cycles specializes in custom work on bikes, front extensive frame modifications and sheet metal all the way through paint and sounds systems that are nothing but mind-blowing. Erik said: “I consider myself to be greatly blessed and favored.” Interesting choice of words…


Erik continued: “I have the fortune of having a crew of six people all of which are top-notch  professionals. The road has been long and hard, but nowadays our work and bikes are seen and recognized all over the states and even abroad, in Taiwan and in Canada.”


“We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy.”


Being completely new to the custom bike industry was a big challenge and it was difficult to open the doors. But with hard work and dedication, Erik and his crew managed to dig their own groove and create an image and a name for themselves in a very exclusive industry. And a very exclusive industry it is! We had no idea when we did the story in our previous issue: Vol. 10 Issue 2 # 42. The famous Revelation Bike and on our front cover that is reaching so many in Las Vegas, was created by none other than yours truly Erik Contreras from Power house Cycles. You can imagine our pleasant surprise when we were told by Sean the owner of the Revelation Bike that it is was Erik and his crew that created that beauty and especially the wheels! ONE OF A KIND is the norm at Power house Custom Cycles.

From small repair and service jobs all the way to full-blown one of the kind bike builds, Power house Custom Cycles does it all under one roof. Erik has been entertaining the idea of a larger facility for the near future so they can have twice the room and be able to work on bigger and better projects. And my question is: “better projects? Is that even possible?”


Contact Info:

  • Address:10515 FM 1960 Rd W. Houston, TX 77070
  • Website:com
  • Phone:(832) 729-4474
  • Email:phcustoms2014@gmail.com
  • Instagram:powerhouseroxx
  • Facebook:Erik Contreras



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