Life is FULL of Zig-Zags

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Five years ago on Christmas day in 2011, everything was going as planned. My wife and I were in our late 50’s and our children were all grown and have children of their own. My wife and I have been together for the past 21 years and we both brought two children into the making of our family. She with a son and a daughter and I had two daughters. My oldest daughter and my wife’s daughter, the younger of her two children were both born in 1982.

My first-born daughter (Lori Elizabeth) was born with a congenital heart disease. By the age of eight she had been through five open-heart surgeries and was doing very well, to talk with her or just see her you would never know there was ever anything wrong with her.

I was NOT a Christian man at that time and the scumbag dirty rotten drug dealer was going to die.

In November of 2003 her heart suddenly won the battle and she was taken from us at the tender age of just 21. Today as a born again Christian I can say thank you Lord for the 21 years I had with her, had I been born in 1956 with the same heart condition I would have surely died.

Four months later almost to the day my wife’s 21-year-old daughter (Caroline Loraine) died at the hands of a drug dealer alone in a very cold and dirty hotel room. Within four months we lost two of our four children. I was not a Christian man at that time and the scumbag dirty rotten drug dealer was going to die. I knew everything there was to know about the guy: his address, what kind of car he drove and what color it was. I knew his mother’s name, where she lived and what kind of dog they had and its name. I had a bullet with the guys name on it and he was going to die. And I was OK with going to prison for the rest of my life.

Sort of funny, I ended up at the little church everyone refers to as “HOPE” House of Prayer-Ellettsville. I found myself on my knees shaking my fist at God and asking “why”. What was it that I had done that was so bad that He would take my children away? After some time passed and with much praying by so many of my now brothers and sisters there, I learned a little about Mercy and Grace, and God’s FORGIVENESS. I gave my life to Christ there in The Biker Church and I have not been the same man ever since. And now to let you in the sort of funny part, I found out that God has a sense of humor, because He said to me: “So, you want to go to prison huh? Well then we will just get you saved and involved with The Biker Church (ought to be right up your ally) where there’s a jail and prison ministry there called the UNCHAINED GANG; you can join this Motorcycle Ministry, ran like a Club, and go into all the jails and prisons you like. You just get to come home at the end of the day.” _Believe me, it was a little tough going into a place voluntarily that I had been working so hard my whole life to stay out of. Today the ministry I belong to, is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life:


Back to Christmas Day 2011. My wife and I were all ready to do what we do every Christmas day. After the gift giving is done, we go to the movies. Only this Christmas day was a little different. I started having chest pains. At first I didn’t think much of it. I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and I don’t breath real well anyway. I also have diabetes, neuropathy, and hypertension. I had a minor heart attack 18 years ago when I was just 42 years old, no damage to my heart at that time, just had one stent put in. The chest pain got a lot worse, I took several doses of the Nitro I had, and it had little to no effect on me, (it was too old, I didn’t know). Calling an ambulance like we should have, we took a rather scary fast ride, with my wife at the wheel, to the emergency room at our local hospital.

After the administering of some fresh nitro and a shot of “something” to calm me down they got the pain in my chest to stop. They did an x-ray and other tests then told me I could either stay in the hospital or I could go home and come back two days later for a stress test and an ultra sound to look at my heart. So I went home, and we even made it to the movies that day. ~God is so good~ When I went back for the stress test they said they saw some abnormalities in my heart and scheduled a heart cath., that’s when I got three new stents put in my chest because I had 90% blockage in one artery and 75% in two others. I was a heart attack waiting to happen.

The thing is you see, JESUS lives in there and He is not done with me here on this earth yet.

God Loves me, and He Loves you too!
In JESUS name, ZigZag


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