History of the Last Disciples MC Part II (cont.)

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History of the Last Disciples MC Part II (cont.)


The next issue was the colors. We chose black and white because the message of salvation in the Bible is very clear. There are no gray areas when it comes to who Jesus is and how we can be assured of our salvation. The Bible clearly says that “we are saved by grace alone, through faith, and not of good works, lest anyone should boast”. Black and White are also common colors for more motorcycle clubs than any other colors. Even a few 1%er clubs share those colors.


In this subculture, it’s all about respect and respectfully keeping others informed of who you are, what your stand for, and what your club’s purpose is. Without a cross up front on our “cuts” we look more like outlaw bikers and are thus expected to know, understand, and apply the rules of respect and protocol. This makes our ministry more challenging in some ways but at the same time it has proven to be very effective.


As Last Disciples, we are held to different standards than some of the CMC’s and Motorcycle Ministries. The patch design is the reason, but that’s okay with us. The world is watching us to see if we are not only real deal Christians but also real deal bikers.

We are not only committed Evangelical Christians, but many of our members came from lives involving rebellion, criminal backgrounds, drugs, addictions, and all that comes with that life style. All of us are now committed to serving God and our communities and giving praise and glory for our salvation to our Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.


As a Christian men’s MC, our “Club” is our calling and our mission. We live and ride to serve. We have been called “outlaws for Jesus” because of our patch. But to us that’s a compliment. For in God’s eyes we are all outlaws, not only because of our spiritual transgressions but because of our fleshly transgressions as well. We acknowledge that we are no better than anyone else, just forgiven, and for that we are very grateful!


The Last Disciples follow standing rules and bylaws that very closely resemble those used by most secular clubs. If we want to earn their respect and acceptance we need to practice and apply many of the same principles and procedures. After all, they wrote the book on it and they were here first! We love being among them, making friends, earning respect, attending and supporting their functions, praying for their sick, and offering “marrying and burying” services.

We are not here to impress anyone by conforming to “status quo” Christian appearances. We are here to serve the biker community by reaching out to the lost, the sick, the addicted, the hard to reach, and the untouchables. In short, we go where Jesus went. We love everyone and we are a non-territorial organization. We do not exclusively support any dominant club, but respect them all and support the dominant clubs in our respective mission fields in each area we serve.

We are up front about our faith, but are respected the most because we are always there for all the clubs and are non-confrontational about our faith. We follow the word of God with love, gentleness and compassion, for not too long ago, we also were part of “the world!” It’s a slow and loving process, often requiring a lot of patience, self-sacrifice and service, sometimes “beyond the call of duty.”


We want to assure everyone reading this that we take our ministry very seriously and we also have the highest regard for all the clubs who have so graciously agreed to share a part of their world with us. We always approach the planting of new charters with the best of intentions and with complete respect. Every effort is made to contact the dominant clubs in the areas of prospective new charters. We take nothing for granted and always clear the way with peace, diplomacy and respect.


Whether interested in membership or not, we are always open to discussions with whomever the Lord brings our way. We have a very thorough application and vetting process. We ask the Lord to be in the center of all we do and to sort out the new candidates for our mission.


The Bible says we are no longer “of this world”, but we are certainly stuck in it until the Lord calls us home. For the time being, “to live is Christ but to die is gain” and our motto is our goal and that is to be “Faithful Unto Death.”


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