HF’s Spiritual Tank Refill

June 1, 2019 at 3:49 am  •  Posted in For God and Country by

Thank you for refueling the spiritual tank

Once in a while we receive messages like the below via email. FB messenger or by mail. We appreciate them all, and cherish them as they truly fill our spiritual tank. Among the many, the one below we thought was worth printing. Thank you Mike Grubb for the 98 Octane.

“I would like to thank you Peter, and your Staff for all you do for the Christian Motorcycle Community. Also for all you do to promote the different Motorcycle Ministries, and Christian Clubs. Thank you for the Great spread on the 2016 God and Country Rally.

It is a true honor to have my testimony in the same edition as the article on our Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. Our country was blessed this election with putting Jesus back in the White House. But the biggest honor was having my testimony feature in such a great faith based magazine. Thanks again for being a light in a very dark mission field. To God goes all glory!! Much Love and Respect.”

Mike Grubb

International President


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