Feedback from the Secular World

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Feedback from the Secular World

I will preface these next remarks by saying that we are not perfect, nor do we think we are better than anyone else.  We are simply forgiven, and want to share the good news of the Gospel with as many people as possible.  We also want to make the best impression that we can as followers of Christ.


I recently heard a comment from a dominant secular club member about a particular Christian club. The comment was that the members had a “yard mentality”, meaning prison yard.  They were bunching up in public and never went anywhere without having a large group gathered together. Not only when riding somewhere, but also when walking around rallies and various functions. Puffing up and trying to act tough just gives the appearance of either lacking confidence or trying to make a show of power. Neither is desirable in the eyes of the dominant clubs and I can guarantee that they will not be impressed!  They may even take offense and decide to shut you down.


This is just food for thought. It is usually better to break up our groups and to mingle among the people in smaller groups, often just in pairs.  There is less of a chance of your club appearing disrespectful or cocky that way. Confidence is a good thing but “cocky” begs a challenge.


The same thing goes when riding through certain areas in overly large packs. This is not often the case with most Christian clubs but it is worth mentioning. Sometimes the dominant club may only have a small chapter in the area and a large pack riding through their “back yard” could easily be perceived as disrespectful. It is better to break up a larger pack into several smaller groups and to make contact with the dominant club beforehand to respectfully let them know you will be rolling through. We always make every attempt to call ahead when in new territory. Networking and making connections is a huge part of the club life whether secular or Christian.


Other bad feedback we have heard about various MM’s and CMC’s has been regarding members using vulgar language, drinking in public, smoking dope, or even dealing drugs. Also, how does it look to see a group of Christian bikers gathered together watching a wet t-shirt contest? Yup, it happens, and these things just contribute to us being called “phony hypocrites” and don’t think for a minute that we aren’t being watched.  Sin is sin and lust is lust, so we shouldn’t try to justify it by saying we’re just trying to “fit in” so we can be more effective. That’s just a cheap cop out and it’s like hiding behind the cross to justify our own lusts. We need to rebuke that kind of behavior in our people, weed them out, and seek mature quality instead of immature quantity.


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