Fall Motorcycle Riding

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What’s that’s smell in the air? Ah, yes… it is the smell of fall. With fall comes some great cooler weather and some terrific opportunities to get out on your motorcycle. Like our editor mentioned in his letter, there is something special about gearing up with leathers and heading out on a ride.

Here are some top reasons to get your bike out and enjoy a fall day trip.

  • Fall provides amazing colors, cooler temperatures but shorter days. Get up early to make the most of your day as fall days can be up to four hours of daylight shorter depending on where you are.
  • Cooler temperatures mean you can wear those new leathers you got yourself during summer clearance. Pull the new gear out, pack yourself a lunch and head off into the morning sun.
  • You can take a longer ride. With cooler temperatures in the air, you can spend all day out in the sun and not worry about getting dehydrated, worn out by the heat or that older bike – if that’s what you’re riding – overheating.
  • Visit national parks. The national parks are a beautiful place to take a ride in the fall. But be on the lookout as animals are more active in the fall than in the summer.
  • So, be safe, pack a blanket, some snacks and a camera and get out there and enjoy the fall weather! Remember to make sure you have the following coverage to be better protected when out riding.

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Safety Apparel: Some insurance companies will include safety apparel in the “After Market Parts” part of your coverage, some will not include it at all and others will have the Safety Apparel coverage hidden in the policy. So make sure to ask your agent about this coverage. Damage to your safety apparel must be a component of the motorcycle insurance policy since gloves, leathers, and helmets are expensive items that are essential to rider safety.

Optional Equipment (After Market Parts): If the motorcycle is a standard model directly from the manufacturer, this coverage category is not necessary. For a highly customized bike, the cost of replacing the chrome work, custom paint, the sidecar or anything other special feature would fall under this category. Some companies will not offer this coverage even if you asked; therefore all the extra customization on your ride is up to the insurance company and the claims adjuster. Other insurance companies automatically include $3,000-$3,5000 with the policy. Is that enough for your extras? If not you should always be able to increase it. And if you do, some companies will allow up to $7,500 to $20,000 of “extras”.

Optional Towing: Riding in the mountains in the fall can be an incredible experience until – for whatever reason – you’re stranded and need to call a tow. Besides for the unhappy wife, girlfriend or date you realize you have 10 miles of towing with your coverage. Find out what comes with your motorcycle policy and adjust it if needed and if you able to. Services like HOG and AAA are always another option. A motorcycle does not have the space to carry extra tires or gasoline for those long stretches of open road. A small premium is charged for the peace of mind that comes from this coverage.

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Replacement Cost: After an accident occurs is not the time to find out that the insurance company will only pay to repair the bike. Motorcycles are expensive pieces of equipment that can be insured for full replacement by adding this option if available by your insurance company (few companies offer it).

Seasonal Coverage: If you live in an area where the bike is ridden only part of the year, consider purchasing a policy that covers only stated months. In northern climates, many riders will park the bike for months because the snow is too deep to ride. In southern climates, very hot weather can be uncomfortable for motorcycle riding.

Remember when winter does arrive, keep your bike insured. Claims do happen in the off-season. Consult your insurance agent for more details and additional information.


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