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DK CUSTOM Customer Spotlight: Mike Gundy

Mike Gundy is a long-time Customer that has many of the Sportster parts we offer on his bike. He’s affectionately nicknamed his ride “The Gundy Cycle”. The patronage given to us by Mike, and others like him, is not something we take lightly, so we decided to share a bit about him and his rad Sporty, a 2012 Iron 883. We chose Mike Gundy because his blue-collar lifestyle and love for motorcycles is relatable. He is also a very humble guy that finds time between his job as a journeyman power lineman and riding, to tending to his son Kyle… who is thirteen years old and has a genetic disorder, spinal muscular atrophy. He’s 100% handicapped and tube fed and on a ventilator.

Mike had this to say about his son, “Kyle is amazing. The strength that God has given him is amazing. I’ve seen him go through stuff and be near death and just have a smile on his face. Really puts your life into perspective when you see what some people go through just to be alive and they are happy. How can anyone complain. He’s just awesome”.

The Gundy Cycle is a great example of what can be done with simple DK Custom bolt-on mods. When it comes to personalizing one’s motorcycle, several small mods can add up to a very subtle, yet superb result. For example, this bike looks drastically different by simply lifting the tank, relocating the coil, and very cleanly tucking the electrical wires beneath the tank. Mike also moved the speedometer to the left side and replaced the bulky turn signals with Sano Black Streamliner Bullet signals up front. The front end was further blacked out to accent the “look” with the addition of Black Upper Fork Covers and a Headlight Grille. With a nod to comfort, he added the Stealth Adjustable Highway Peg Kit.

Looking at this bike from any angle really speaks to how much of the bike has been customized. Even the rear of the bike is eye candy with the chopped fender complimented by the Streamliner Run-Brake-Turn Lights and the High-n-Tight License Plate Relocation. The bike isn’t just a garage queen that makes the occasional trip to the local Starbucks… It rips up and down the Oklahoma countryside while breathing through the DK Custom HiFlow 606 Air Cleaner and can be heard before it is seen thanks to the Vance & Hines Short Shot exhaust optimized by the addition of the Thunder Torque Inserts™.

Anyone looking to mod the look, performance or comfort of their ride is welcome to contact us. We value our Customers, working with them to enhance their riding experience.

Go Mike!

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