Black Ops Int’l. Part II: Cutting to the Chase

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Black Ops Int’l

A New Ministry Approach “Under The Radar for Jesus”

By Lou Steel

PART II: Cutting to the Chase

Last month we discussed the need for new tactics on the battlefield of Spiritual Warfare. So, let’s cut to the chase. It is well known that you can’t just throw on a biker club cut (patch) and start running around trying to start a club, Christian or otherwise! And I’ve had a few ill-informed Christians tell me in a most cocky and cavalier manner that “their God is bigger than the trolls the enemy may cast into their path.” I get that with all sincerity. But their attitude and lack of knowledge will most likely lead to a severe “mud check” and possibly a beat down! Sometime, someplace.

The editor of WOG has brilliantly explained “Biker Club Protocol” in prior issues and many of us readers have even written on these pages, providing our personal input about clubs, patches and protocol. But if we break it all down, here’s the question: Why should we, as Christians, have to conform to worldly protocol? The answer is really simple! If we don’t do it right, we are merely trampling the crops that we come to harvest! Hello!! Not only that, but someone could get hurt in the process! So what does a fella do when he doesn’t have the contacts or experience in dealing with clubs, especially the Big Clubs! There may be a new way which I have been experimenting with on the side for a number of years.

But first, let me say, in full disclosure, that I am the Int’l President of the Last Disciples MC. I am a cofounder and we are about to enter into our 15th year. I also had about 4 years MC experience before that as the President of another club. Having said that, and having an analytical mentality, I was giving an idea.

Maybe from some weedy old brain cells or a message from God, I can’t really say. But we have been pursuing it carefully.

Here’s the deal, con

sider it a “sales pitch” if you will, only I have nothing to sell! I already have a great club that I am gratefully a part of, but we are only running within certain boundaries in the few countries we are privileged to minister in as a “full patch” MC. That means we can only fly our new Candidates/Trainee

s/Prospects, etc., in those specific States, “Zones”, or Provinces. But, we are getting many inquiries from all over the world now and many of those good bikers are either a little “green” or maybe just not quite ready. Some are very much ready, mature in the faith and all, but have to deal with “no new club” policies. We have seen some of those walls of resistance crumble away in very short periods of time, but it often requires “cojones”, experience and charisma to pull it off! Not to mention the main deal and that is God’s will. We always pray that God goes before us to filter the candidates and prepare the hearts that would come against us. Ours is a mission field and we are on a Mission!

Perhaps it’s time for another option!

*Please join us in the next WOG Mag for the finale, Part 3 of this series on Black Ops Int’l.



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