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By Ed Neate


The reason for this article is to be a help to all who are in any kind of motorcycle ministry. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with some local clubs, family clubs or 1%ers. We as Christ Ambassadors need to do all we can, without violating the Word of God, to reach as many people as we can for Christ’s Kingdom in an effective way.


Here are some suggestions, but viewed as do’s and don’ts in the motorcycle club world, when wearing your Vest, Cut, Rag, Colors; whatever you choose to call it (I’ll be calling them Cuts in this article).



  1. You should not wear your Cut when traveling in an enclosed vehicle (AKA: cages). This could be a car, truck, airplane, etc. When getting in a “cage” take your Cut off, fold it and place it on the back seaport, trunk or next to you on the front seat. When traveling with others, you could even put your Cut on your lap. T-shirts with your Colors on the back are not considered the same as your Cut, so when you’re wearing “club clothing “ this wouldn’t matter.


  1. You should not lay your Cut down, or place it on the back of a chair when you’re out and about. You should watch and keep track of your Cut at all times. Treat your Cut with respect. Don’t hang it on your motorcycle windshield, this will be viewed as being disrespectful to many in most of the secular clubs. If you need to take your Cut off for some reason, put it in one of your saddlebags or the tour pack.




  1. You should not allow other people to wear your Cut, not even your children, spouse, or a close friend.


  1. You should not pat, grab or touch a club patch holders Cut. This too could appear to be disrespectful by that club member, or other club members that are present.


  1. You should always remember, no matter what motorcycle ministry or Christian motorcycle club you are a member of, ultimately you are representing Jesus Christ. Let’s do our best, in His power, to be great ambassadors for His Kingdom.


Ed “Keebler” Neate

VP of Covenant Riders #256

London/Plain City, Ohio.

Christian Motorcyclist Association



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