Havoc 1 Night-Rod

Peter Kaye
January 1, 2018 at 9:34 pm  •  Posted in The Bikes by

Havoc 1 Night-Rod

By Peter Kaye

We first noticed the white beauty at the Annual Eagle Run event in San Bernardino, CA. We could not resist and had to get the 411 on it.


The custom built to perfection by 951 Customs is a four to five months sweat and tears process. This particular Havoc 1 V-Rod is a 2015 Night Rod completely modified. It is the Prototype of the Havoc  V-Rods modified and re-born by 951 Customs. Being the prototype this one took the time of a pregnancy just shy of nine months. It runs a 1250cc motor beefed up to 1600cc…and yes! It flies!


It is the only one in the world with air-ride suspension in the front from the 2012-2016 models. The front air suspension is completely fabricated and modified to fit nicely by AirFX. Much of this custom built contains Porsche components. From its head the bright headlight is a M106 European Headlight that was modified to fit and supported on a 6-degree rake.


This bike has a mean and aggressive stance; at the same time beautiful in its own way. The 1600cc motor makes that clear when fired up, but just looking at this Customized Night Rod, you know it has game. It sits on a 300 rear tire on an 18×10 custom rim and a 21”x3.5” front tire on its custom rim. Both Forgiato rims were flown in from Europe for just under $6,000.00.


The front fender that dresses the custom one-of-a-kind wheel was fabricated to fit, just like the tank and the rear fender, that were also custom fabricated. Carl Nilsen from USA Derby covers custom made the Clutch and Derby Covers. All the work on this bike is custom except for the frame. This Aggressive Beauty will set you back a little more than a Custom Night Rod but it will be like no one else’s! How much you ask? You’ll have to call 951 Customs to find out, but if you already own a V-Rod, a Night or similar? You are ahead of the game! You can reach 951 Customs at: (909) 986-7419.



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