Exile Discovery Trike

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They don’t come any fatter than this!


This beast was originally conceived for Discovery’s “Biker Build Off”. Some of you old timers, like me… you may have even seen the episode when the series was on. The Trike is a thoroughbred Exile machine parked between two 18″ wide Formula 1 tires! Truly awesome! Exile is and has been on of our preferred bike builders.

  • As shown, this trike costs around $65,000
  • Complete Bike Kit, ready to paint, around $35,000-$40,000
    depending on power-train choice
  • These ‘ground-up’ bikes are built from scratch using an Exile frame and Exile parts throughout. Other than engines, transmissions and some electrical components they make almost every component for a bike. Almost any of their ‘models’ can also be created as a Trike. It is possible to mix-and-match style components from different bikes so they can build your Exile your way. You might like a particular bike they have built, but you might want a Softail frame, or different bars, or turn-signals, or a foot-clutch, or whatever, on your machine. These are NOT the only bikes they can offer. They are always available to discuss a new EXILE Cycles project in great detail.
  • Your Special EXILE will come with an Exile VIN number and a “Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle” that your DMV (or equivalent) will use to issue title (unless you are a California customer). Alternatively, we can supply a separate ‘Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin’ for the frame, the engine and the transmission.

manufacturers of Origin’ for the frame, the engine and the transmission.

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