DK Custom Tri Glide

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Project TriGlide

(everyone can ride a Trike)

This 2014 Tri-Glide was purchased new in May of 2014. Although not my first trike, I feel that I should give some back-story on my transition to Touring on 3 wheels. My first was a 2011 model and I must say the initial feeling of moving to a trike was one of anger and embarrassment. I had only recently recovered from an accident that consisted of 22 broken bones, 2 surgeries, 2 metal plates, many screws, & 4 months in bed.


The doctors told me that me that I would never have even 50% strength in my right ankle & foot. This was particularly devastating news because my wife, Mary, and I very much enjoy motorcycle road tripping. No way I could ever ride a Touring bike, 2 up and fully loaded but I realized for Mary and I to be able to long distance tour, I would need to get a Trike. It took me well over a year of owning and riding the 2011 Tri-Glide before I finally came to peace about it. Since most of the mods done to the 2011 were during the time when I was NOT HAPPY about being on a Trike, they were done with basic performance in mind, and with pure utility of our trips in mind. No real sitting down and looking at it as a canvas and what could be done to it.


With the 2014 I was determined that since I had to tour on a Trike, I would open up it’s full potential in performance, reliability, comfort, handling, safety, and looks (nothing radical). My partner, Devin, & I did a lot of experimenting with different exhausts. 2-1-2 Power Duals Headers coupled with some Hi Roller Slip-ons with Thunder Torques Inserts™ installed in them is what we ended up with. Very good power increase over stock and a nice, deep mellow tone.


I then Installed the Oil Filter Relocation w/ Dual-Cool Oil Cooler… Anything to keep the Twin Cam in the 190-210 degree operating temperatures will increase performance. To add to the cooling and comfort aspect, we developed and added the Cooling Deflector Wings, that work with or without a Tank Lift. Again anything to help the Twin Cam operate in the optimum temp range is beneficial but they also greatly reduce wind buffeting.


The Twin Cam engine breathes through our Outlaw 606 Air Cleaner w/ an External Breather System. Painted the metal mesh a contrasting black.


For Passenger comfort, we installed the Adjustable Passenger Pegs that work with the Floorboards, and we relocated the Tour-Pak.


We did a ton of work on a bunch of different designs for getting the Tour-Pak relocated further back. I think it was our 3rd or 4th design that we finally settled on. It was not just a matter of relocating it, but also making sure it was sturdy. We regularly overload the Tour-Pak by 4-5 times the rated weight, and we did not want a failure. It is 3” further back than the furthest stock setting.


One of the most surprisingly enjoyable additions to the trike was the Mid-Step which is an awesome improvement in mounting and dismounting the bike, especially on long days where I am a bit tired. I do not like how it blocks the view of the X on my Power Duals, but the comfort benefit outweighs that.


The handling upgrades done to this bike are where it really stands out. The front is equipped with an AK-20 Cartridge suspension system in the forks. The improvement in handling, bump absorption and reducing front end dive is substantial.


Improving the Rear Suspension is a must on the HD Trike models. Both in regards to getting it to sit level, so as not to drag the exhaust, AND in improving the ride quality.


We designed the Convertible Comfort Lift™ for leveling it out and making the ride a bit plusher.


Then we developed the 14” Trike Series Shocks™ to give the great handling straight axle a ride quality that rivals independent suspension set-ups.


Since the accident, ”SEE and BE SEEN” has been more important than ever to me. Superior lighting is without a doubt the best way to not only see where you are going but to also bring attention to other drivers. This trike is surrounded with high-intensity LEDs; Headlight, Tail lights, Turn signals, running lights…. We even put run-brake-turn LEDs in the mud flaps!


These things are never truly finished but as a compliment to all things done to this bike so far, I had a bit of custom pinstriping done. I am very happy with the results. Every one of the mods contributes to one or more of the performance, reliability, comfort, handling, safety, or looks criteria that I started out with.


Traveling on our Tri-Glides

Over 120,000 miles ridden

44 States, including Alaska

3 Canadian Provinces

Ridden is 20* temps thru 114* temps

Ridden in rain, snow and hail.

Ridden from sea level up to 14,130 feet elevation

Encountered bears, deer, elk, mountain goats and more


The ride on the Tri-Glide, is such a relaxed ride that we have truly enjoyed some of the most amazing sights that creation has to offer in North America.


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