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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

Author of the best selling biker book of the year: 

New Age of Biking and Brotherhood  

The new book, “Brotherhood and Betrayal the streets pity no one,” will be available for purchase on February 22nd. You will be able to pre-order your copy starting February 15th. So what’s this book going to be about? This book will be a deep dive into the real motorcycle club scene, not the image Hollywood wants to portray. This book will be as real as it gets. The Internet has a tendency to water down just how tough the streets are and how the rules of the streets make their way into motorcycle clubs. Something that has always bugged me while hosting Motorcycle Madhouse is other creators watering down the true scene. Creators will preach the scene is nothing but cookies and ice cream, especially the ones who were not even around during the hardcore times.


I’m going to dispel all that tree-hugging stuff in this book. You’re going to get a glimpse of what it was truly like during one of the most volatile times in the MC Scene. People need to know that there are terrible actors. Brotherhood is no longer viable. Come on, we’ve seen it over and over again where people will poke you’re a** in the back, faster than you can… anyway… Brotherhood is a good idea, yes, but peoples’ actions never truly live up to the idea. Betrayal is something nine times out of ten will occur and people need to be made aware of that. People need to understand bikers are just as human as anyone else, thus making them ripe to do whatever they have to do for money and power. The facts of life are: people crave money and power; it’s no different in the motorcycle club scene or on the streets. The streets are hell, a big chess game on who can beat who. This and many more things will be covered in the book. I can’t wait for the book’s release and all the feedback I get from it. This book was a long time coming, making sure I could be as real as I could be. Later this coming fall, September I believe, I will be releasing a second book. The second book will be fiction based, more will come out on that in the months ahead.