Well-known Utah Baptist Leaves Legacy of ‘Pure Joy’

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Well-known Utah Baptist Leaves Legacy of ‘Pure Joy’

By Art Toalston

“I ain’t never going to make it to heaven,” a gruff biker named Rusty told Rob Rowbottom.


“Why?” Rowbottom inquired that night during a two-day ride in Utah to which Rusty had been invited.


“There isn’t one of the Ten Commandments I ain’t busted,” Rusty replied.


Rusty recounted the conversation during a memorial service September 13 for Rowbottom, one of Utah’s most well-known Baptists, who died September 6 after a sudden, weeklong illness at age seventy. Rowbottom tenderly pointed Rusty to a man in the Bible named Paul who had led in the killing of Christians before his life was redeemed in an encounter with Christ.


“I got to thinking about that,” Rusty said, “and I realized that if God can do something like that . . . I could go ‘home.’” to heaven. To an eternal home, Rowbottom assured, as he led the biker in surrendering his life to Christ.


“I didn’t have to be cold and mean and hateful,” Rusty said. “I could breathe, I could feel good about myself, and help people.”


Rowbottom “was just awesome,” Rusty added. “You could look in his eyes and you could see it, you could see he lived it.”


From Military to Ministry, to his life. From two friends on Facebook to Ministry and Motorcycles. Make sure to pick up the next edition of Wheels Of Grace for the photos and the full story. 


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