The Christian Patch Part 2

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The Christian Patch

You ride a motorcycle and you DON’T support your M/M or Club? W-H-A-T?

By Peter Kaye


Bike payment (if you have a payment) $200-$400 per month, Insurance $20-80 per month, Fuel $10-$50 per month, Maintenance $30-$100 per month (tires, services, parts, etc. $300 to $1,000 per year), Registration $3-20 per month (depending what state you live in) Parts/Apparel you may need or just want $10-$50 per month (let’s face it a good helmet is $200+, a good jacket is $300+ and Harley Tees are $30 and up!) AMA or HOG membership $5-$10 per month, additional AAA membership you may have to tow your bike if needed $5 per month, event entry fees and fundraisers $5 per month (some attend and spend more) and should we count M/M, MC, Christian or Harley-Davidson INK?


The average motorcycle rider will spend $90 – $720 per month!


But…but it’s for the Lord! My bike is a witnessing tool! And yes, it can be. That’s not the point though. Being around motorcycles my whole life, working in motorcycle magazines since 1998 and having worked in the personal lines insurance business for a decade I put together a quick calculation listed above of what a motorcycle rider spends on average, per month.


The average motorcycle rider will spend $90 – $720 per month! DID YOU CATCH THAT? $90-$720 PER MONTH! Yes, some spend less but that is not ‘the average motorcycle rider’ and the above calculations are low and do not include unexpected repairs – some majors – and motorcycle trips from Texas to Sturgis that costs hundreds to thousands.


Let me first say, to the ones that REGURLARLY/MONTHLY SUPPORT their M/M or MC, thank you! For the rest that do not support, why not? Here is a question for you: If you belonged to an M/M or CMC that you founded or, was started by you, by your son or daughter or by a close or family friend, would you support it then?


Money spent on Ministry or Club gear and/or apparel and patches may count somewhat just like a Christian Tattoo may count in a different way, and both can promote Jesus but let me say this: “if you ask your founder or Int. P. if they rather you buy every shirt and hat available, or donate on a regular and monthly basis $20 per month, they will choose the monthly support.” Did he say $20 per month? Maybe I’m old school when it comes to this matter. When I rode with an organization in the early 2000’s we were supporting at $20 per month; they called them ‘dues’ but it was really support, and that was over 15 years a go!

So why do we give money easier for our motorcycle, our clothes or even to get ink? Simply for the commonality these three have in common: the “I”, the “ME”. The patch I wear. The clothes I wear. The Ink, I wear on MY skin. It’s harder to spend when the “I” is not involved. Paul calls that our ‘Flesh’. You see, acting in the flesh is not just lusting or similar, it also not giving when we can and are supposed to. Hence the sin of omission and the sin of omission. And why is it easier to give if it was to give to a family member or a close friend? Again because they are close to ME. If this was a sermon, here is your two points:


The English word EGO in the Greek is the word: “Εγώ», (prononounced AYGO) and simply means: I or Me, as in myself. 

– As far as being easier to give to your family or to a close friend, let me remind you what Jesus said in Matthew 12:46-50: “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And stretching out His hand he said: “Behold My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother.”


If you are part of an M/M or a Christian MC, that is your family. A Christian Biker should be giving to God, to their M/M or (C)MC, other organizations and saving every time they get paid.


The above is doable. Obedience is the key. My intention is not to call anyone out but to plant that seed and stir up your Spirit. Having being involved with Motorcycle Ministries and Christian Clubs since 2002, I have seen my share. I have belonged to some, and have been made an honorary member to others. The WOG UNITY PATCH PAGE that we published in the last issue included 144 patches and the new one we are working on for the next issue will include over 450. We, as Christian Bikers should be doing more and just like your family to survive and your business to prosper it takes finances.


I understand that there are unfortunate circumstances and difficult times but for most, as Christian Bikers that ride, we should be doing more and we should be giving more of our time, our finances and our talents. Pray about it. Be honest with your self. And, if you would like to discuss further, give me a call (951) 777-0503 or email me


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