Shark Bites

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What are some of your favorite events?

They’re all “my favorite.” Almost all of them have a charity cause behind it. They’re about supporting our veterans or other good causes alike. That’s the beautiful thing about the biker community. There’s always a purpose and of course, we all have fun at these events. Shark Squad and myself love being behind those causes. So I love all of our events. Love the people. Love to have a good time and see all the people we love and of course see our clients.


When a client signs up, what are they getting?

Great question. Well, obviously they’re going to get a real attorney. An attorney who rides. An attorney who is aggressive. An attorney who goes to war for you. In addition, a lot of people are injured. Not everybody has health insurance. Not everybody can afford the best doctors. We’ll provide that for you. We will go completely out of our way for you. Everything that we do is in your best interest. You need to see from specialists to plastic surgeons, they will be catered to you. In addition to that, you get trust. You get somebody who cares and you get somebody who will be there for you 24/7.


Who is Machine-Gun Branden?

Machine-Gun Branden is the office manager at Shark Squad motorcycle attorneys’ head office in Newport Beach California. They call him Machine-Gun because he’s always lighting up the insurance companies and because of his previous tours in Iraq. Just like in battle, he likes to take a strategy with each legal case, as each case is unique. Machine-Gun and The Shark develop a tactical approach for every single case. A big thing they take pride at Shark Squad is being transparent with their clients and making sure that their clients know their game plan. Because without communication they cannot achieve the best results possible.

What are the major factors that affect a settlement?

The number one and most important factor in assessing the value of your settlement is whether or not you follow the instructions of your attorney. If you’ recalling us and you’re injured, your attorney will take his time set you up with a doctor, set you up with the best medical treatment available and with experts for your injuries. Please follow our instructions; that is the key to success. It’s very simple and it’s all about teamwork. As Machine-Gun Brandon in the previous shark bite emphasized. Working together and setting you up with the best doctors for treatment, allows us to fight for the highest and best settlement possible under the circumstances.


Remember Shark squad is always riding by your side.



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