Low & Mean Forty-Eight

Devin & Kevin
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If you are like us, you can’t leave “well enough” alone. The Sportster is a world class motorcycle but like anything on wheels, there is an inherent need to customize. When we picked up this Forty-Eight, it was near bone stock. We set out transform it into a low and mean bobber using only DK Custom bolt on parts to show what can be done to a stock Sportster with little more than a basic tool set.

After putting a few OEM parts on FEEbay, we got down to business. First on the list was getting rid of the mess under the tank. The coil was relocated to the left side of the tank, followed by the ignition switch being relocated between the rear cylinder and the battery cover. Next, the wires were tucked neatly under the tank. It was all topped off with a 1.5” tank lift to give it a stretched look while staying true to the low & mean theme. Small, simple, synergistic mods like this are very high impact to the overall look of a bike.

Over the course of a few weeks, many more things were changed. Several seats were put to the test before finally choosing the leather diamond tuck resting on scissor springs. This seat choice proves that one Comfort & great styling are not mutually exclusive. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH.

The rear of the bike was given the stripped down, barebones treatment; the tail lights were replaced with an LED strip that has RUN-BRAKE-TURN functions, tucked discreetly under the rear fender and the license plate was relocated to the swingarm. The front end was also buttoned up with a speedo relocation, low-rise bars, headlight grill, fork boots, and stealth LED turn signals.



The performance mods are what really make this bike live up to its potential. The Vance & Hines Short Shot exhaust with Thunder Torque Inserts™, accompanied with our Outlaw HiFlow 587 air cleaner are managed with a PowerVision flash tuner. This Forty-Eight is equipped with a Rock-It Shift, making shifting fast, easy, & smooth. The intention with this bike was to build it up, then sell it to fund the next project. However, Devin decided it was so nice that it should be in his personal line up.


-Devin & Kevin

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