Living The Life By DK Custom

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Living The LIfe by DK Custom

19 days into a 45 day cross country ride, I’m sitting in a motel room writing this article for Wheels of Grace Magazine.

Earlier today we had the adventure of riding thru 25 miles of a hard snowstorm while going over Homestake Pass. Thanks to electric jackets and good gear, we were toasty warm in the 34 degrees with snow flying.


Yesterday we had the joy of riding Beartooth Pass. What an amazing creation we live in!


Five months ago, when planning our Big Trip for 2018, Mary and I both decided, besides visiting friends and family, we wanted to take our time, and really enjoy riding some of our favorite roads west of the Mississippi.

We are not quite halfway through, currently visiting our son and granddaughter in Missoula, MT. We are truly fortunate.

So far we’ve ridden the Ozarks, crossed a half dozen 10,000+ ft. passes in Colorado, ridden the Million Dollar Highway, taken our time exploring Yellowstone…And we have much more to see!


DK Custom Products was started because we wanted parts for our own bikes, that either we could not buy anywhere, or they were just too expensive.


Every part we make has a Lifetime Warranty, and is tested in real-world conditions prior to being made available. Our Annual “Big Trip” is one of the ways we put our prototypes to the test.

We’ve traveled from Mississippi up to Alaska and back on our Tri-Glide. (see Ride Report HERE)

A few shorter trips:

2000+ mile trip on the DK Sporty, solo seat, see the Ride Report with Lot’s of Photo’s HERE.

3 of us tearing around the Smokies (2 Sportsters & 1 Street Glide) for 5 days. Photo’s and Videos HERE.

HERE is a Ride Report of Mary & I riding the Heritage Softail 2700+ miles on the 2104 Hot Bike Tour.

Another Epic trip on the Tri-Glide up to Bella Coola, Canada riding one of the most crazy roads ever! See Ride Report HERE.

This photo is of the road to Bella Coola-

There are many more trips we’ve made, enjoying the open road and   freedom of being in the wind.

Making Quality Parts & Providing Old Fashioned Customer Service is what DK Custom is about. That we get to “Live the Life”, riding this great continent, is something we are incredibly grateful for.




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