Kevin’s “Deluxe” Heritage

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The culmination of inspiration for this bike goes back to Westminster, CA when I was in elementary school. I would sit on the curb and watch/listen to the bikes go through town.
Long pipes and the 57 Chevy two tone paint jobs…It just imprinted on my mind. I have had dozens of bike since then, but none that matched up with that image. Fast forward nearly half a century and the dream was still very much alive. For years every time I saw a Softail with that paint and long pipes I would tell Mary, my wife, that one day I was going to have something like that.

When I picked up this Heritage Softail the first thing I did was swap out the badges and trim from Heritage to Deluxe then immediately sent the tins off for a vintage turquoise and white paint scheme to be laid down.


Being the “K” in “DK Custom”, I had several parts that I was chomping at the bit to install. While the parts were readily available, time was not. I finally “finished” the bike about 4 months later but we all know these things are never truly complete. This bike, In my opinion, is the epitome of form & function… not only did I have an idea of how the bike should be visually, I also wanted it to perform as well as it looks.

This Heritage sports our HiFlow 587 Air Cleaner System w/ Chrome Cyclone Cover, a pair of Samson Fishtail duals w/ our patented Thunder Torque Inserts™, all supported with the PowerVision Tuner for fuel management.  A True stage 1 upgrade that not only brings the bike to life, it looks good while doing so.

This Twin Cam runs cool as a cucumber thanks to our Oil Cooler/Oil Filter relocation kit and tank lift/coil relocation combo for better air flow. Comfort was also a factor so I installed floorboard extensions as well as an extend rear brake pedal. The Highway Pegs on the crash bar paired with the heel rests make all the difference for long trips.

There are dozens of little details I’ve paid attention to, but it is most definitely worth mentioning the LED lighting upgrades that were done. My personal motto for safety on 2 wheels is to “See and be Seen”. The brighter LED lights not only increase visibility for the rider but to cager traffic as well… So I retrofitted the headlamp, auxiliary lights, and turn signals with our Stealth LED replacements.

This “Deluxe” Heritage is my go-to bike, for short rides, long trips and everything in-between.  Mary and I have logged tens of thousands of miles on it, enjoying the ride the entire time.

Devin & Kevin

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