Insurance & Legal Insights


Why Police Reports Matter

 •  April 15

You have just been in a motorcycle accident. The first thing you need to do, if you can, is to make sure that you, any passengers on your...

California Legalizes Lane Splitting

 •  January 15

Californians are strong proponents of lane splitting. Traffic congestion is eased and motorcyclists protect themselves from being involved in...

Are you FULLY Insured? By Law Tigers

 •  January 15

If you are in a motorcycle accident, even though it is NOT your fault, you can end up footing a lot of the medical bills. Watch the short video in...

Road Rage by Susan Handel

 •  November 1

ROAD RAGE:  “Just Ride Away” By Susan Handel, Esq. Road rage is a major concern of the American public and a real threat to the safety of all...

What You Should do if You’ve Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

 •  April 1

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Due to cell phone usage while driving, coupled with the national increase in traffic, motorcycle riders have a...

A Road Review for Motorcyclists (by Greenleaf Financial and Insurance Services Inc.)

 •  September 1

Motorcycles are a fun and fuel-efficient way to get around, especially during warmer months, but did safety should always be a priority to anyone...

INSURANCE INSIGHTS Proper Motorcycle Coverage

 •  September 1

Imagine it’s a beautiful day in the desert. You’ve spent the day with your twin brother – who happens to be your best buddy – working on your...

INSURANCE INSIGHTS Mandatory Helmet Laws

 •  July 1

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 19 states and the District of Columbia have universal helmet laws requiring all...

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