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Shark Bites

 •  June 1

What do I do if I am with an attorney I don’t like or I’m not getting any information from them? The number one complaint I hear from people...

CA Splitting Lanes

 •  June 1

California Highway Patrol releases lane-splitting tips A.B. 51 authorized standards development   The California Highway Patrol has released its...

Shark Bites

 •  April 1

Shark Bites How can bikers make sure they are completely protected by their insurance Ladies and Gentleman most important thing is California and...

What To Do On A Crash Scene

 •  April 1

What To Do On A Crash Scene By Justin Hughes & Law Tigers  .   This article teaches you what to do when a rider goes down. Last summer I rolled up...

Law Tigers Testimonials

 •  November 1

GABRIEL DECIGA I was making a left turn, Green light, there’s a truck in the yellow lane. As soon as I was about to pass it he decides to turn...

The Most Dangerous States For Motorcycle Accidents

 •  July 1

The Most Dangerous States For Motorcycle Accidents…   Thanks to data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association and a sterling article from...

Roadblock Rights

 •  January 1

Roadblock Rights You are on your way home after a ride or an event or other and discover the road ahead is blocked by a police roadblock, what do you...

What’s My Case Worth

 •  September 1

Although every motorcycle accident is different, each serious injury motorcycle accident has one thing in common-with mounting medical bills, pain...

Why Police Reports Matter

 •  April 15

You have just been in a motorcycle accident. The first thing you need to do, if you can, is to make sure that you, any passengers on your...

California Legalizes Lane Splitting

 •  January 15

Californians are strong proponents of lane splitting. Traffic congestion is eased and motorcyclists protect themselves from being involved in...

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