For the Love of the Ride

Arizona Bike Week and Bike Fest

 •  May 1

   Having not been to Arizona Bike Week in quiet a few years and with a last minute opportunity to interview some of the men and women riders Law...

New rider tip: learning to lean

 •  March 1

New rider tip: learning to lean By Law Tigers   More and more new riders are getting on the saddle every year. The following are some insights for the...

Motorcycle Safety: Pre-Ride T Clock Inspection

 •  March 1

Motorcycle Safety: Pre-Ride T Clock Inspection By Law Tigers   With the riding season around the corner, we wanted to present these tips as a...

Wind Therapy: Where your eyes go, there shall your bike go also

 •  January 1

While this may not be something that Jesus actually said, it is something that we should understand as if it is gospel. The fact is that 95% of our...

RUMBLE IN THE WIND: “Ministry Milestones”

 •  January 1

There is something special about Milestones in life; with them I am drawn to both reflecting on God’s provision in the past and planning in...


 •  January 1

LAS VEGAS: More than 30,000 bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from nearly all 50 states and 12 other countries cruised into town for the 17th Annual...

Daytona Bikeweek Vs. Biketoberfest

 •  January 1

  You have heard of Daytona Bikeweek and Daytona Biketoberfest. Here is a brief description and differences between the two. Daytona Bikeweek is held...

The win of a lifetime; Frank Kuhn!

 •  November 1

After four months of anticipation and 10,000 entries received, we had a winner for the Law Tigers Stylin’ in Sturgis Sweepstakes! Our lucky...

Wind Therapy:Dirty Birds

 •  November 1

Today at my front door I found a baby raven. It had fallen out of a tree and was terrified. I wouldn’t count myself as a fan of ravens; to me,...

My Aha Moment About Motorcycle Safety

 •  September 1

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month just wrapped up. By the end of May I was tired of reading the same five or ten safety tips from a myriad of...


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