For God and Country


 •  April 1, 2022

Hello Peter, today was a great day! I have a huge surprise for you. A very big one. The 15th of August is the Assumption and for Catholics it is a...

Milepost 9 on the Highway

 •  April 1, 2022

  With Harley-Davidson Life is a Journey, Not a Destination We’ve all heard something like that in many places. This one, “With Harley-Davidson...

Granddaughter of Country Legend Loretta Lynn Was Trapped by ‘Demons’, Then Jesus Rescued Her

 •  April 1, 2022

 By Karl Sutton Tayla Lynn is the granddaughter of legendary Country music artist Loretta Lynn. But being part of an iconic family didn’t shield her...

He got fired after going to church instead of work on a Sunday. Now employer will pay

 •  March 1, 2022

By Hayley Fowler   An employee in Florida who negotiated his work schedule around going to church was fired after he failed to show up for a Sunday...

Heartland Christian Center Full Throttle Biker Campus is a “biker church, not a ‘church’ for bikers!”

 •  February 1, 2022

If we have to explain, you wouldn’t understand… Our story began over 10 years ago with a real passion to introduce bikers to Jesus Christ and...

A Christmas Miracle

 •  February 1, 2022

Three weeks ago we received an email from an incredible lady who was connected to over 130 foster kids who were or had aged out of the Foster Care...

F.A.I.T.H. Riders Motorcycle Ministry 20th Anniversary

 •  January 1, 2022

F.A.I.T.H. Riders is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year in March of 2022. For more information see this link:...

Biker Churches – they are all over the country!

 •  January 1, 2022

There are over 130 listed in WOG (Wheels Of Grace magazine) and on Make sure yours is listed by going to


 •  November 1, 2021

You never know when the moment will choose you… By Chuck Pressburg   Mary and I were seated in the 1A&B bulkhead seats for our flight to Salt Lake City...

Partner with Bikers Against Trafficking Today

 •  November 1, 2021

  What We Provide   Here is what Bikers Against Trafficking Does: Bikers Against Trafficking (BAT) is a group of dedicated people who stretch across...


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