Droog Moto’s Rugged New DM-015 Wants to Help You Ride Through the Apocalypse

September 1, 2019 at 3:40 am  •  Posted in The Bikes by

It’s never too late to prepare for Armageddon for the ones left behind and Droog Moto’s latest bike wants to help you take it on. With a Kawasaki Ninja 250 as its base, the recently unveiled DM-015 may be one of the most rugged bikes you’ll ever ride. Free of extraneous decoration, the self-proclaimed “fighter with an attitude” catches the eye with its black-painted steel gas tank, a matching form-fitting seat, sturdy bronze fork, and two tantalizingly fat tires. Indeed, its no-frills, almost-industrial design gives it the look of a motorcycle stolen from the set of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic masterpiece, Mad Max: Fury Road.


But the DM-015 doesn’t just look the part; it acts it as well. The bike has a two-cylinder, 250cc engine that packs a 36-horsepower punch, and a six-speed gearbox. Its suspension has also been upgraded in both the front and the rear and can be adjusted by riders on the fly, allowing it to tackle even the toughest terrain. But is not just a back-to-the-basics dirt bike; the DM-015 has some discreet modern flourishes, too. The bike is equipped with “intense” LED lighting in the front and rear, ensuring that riders can see and be seen, even at night. It’s also got a mini, waterproof digital speedometer housed in the rider cockpit.


But what really sets the DM-015 apart from other bikes, is how customizable it is. When you put in an order, you’ll also submit your measurements. The bike is then tailor-made to meet your specs, and will received a few additional upgrades specifically for you, the company claims. Like the other bikes—or “weapons” as Droog affectionately calls them—in the DM line, the DM-015 is only available online, through the company’s website. It runs $30,000 and includes free shipping. Check out the bike below:

Feel the adrenaline while you brace yourself on the form-fitting seat. Paired up with our DM handlebars and burly grips. DM-015 comes with a uniquely detailed fuel cell and subframe giving this Fighter its own character.

Tucked into the rider’s cockpit is a mini digital speedometer that is waterproof and full of modes for the ride ahead. DM-015 is equipped with intense LED lighting in the front and rear. High output lights pierce through the darkness keeping the voyage ahead seen. All in one streamlined modern package, what more could you need?

Rugged and agile tires are fitted to DM-015 for high-performance handling. Thick tread and a deep bite is what you get.

250ccʼs of fury and fight as this fighter breathes in through a high-performance air filter. A stealthy exhaust system is tucked tightly to the motor keeping this Fighter’s lines modern and balanced as you hear this 250 roar.


Upgraded suspension in both front and rear aids in ride performance. With adjustability on the fly and an aggressive appearance, DM-015 can take on anything.



The DM Experience doesn’t stop with just the bike. Each build is tailor-made to fit your specs. Upon purchase, the DM-015 will receive a few additional upgrades specifically for you.

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