DK Customs- This Old Dyna

April 1, 2019 at 5:08 am  •  Posted in The Bikes by

Dwayne here, your friendly DK Custom Customer Service Professional. One thing I enjoy about this job is that I get to assist others in adding parts to their bike in the everlasting pursuit to be content… this is an all-to-familiar feeling for me as I am never ok with leaving “well enough” alone and I was not entirely satisfied with the look of this old Dyna.

It had mismatched tins, gnarly hand grips, a stock air cleaner, and was just over all not an appealing motorcycle.


We started by tearing it down and sending the tins off for paint. Much of what was removed was discarded and replaced with aftermarket parts. The air cleaner, grips, foot pegs, LED lighting, seat, Thunder Torque Inserts™, and a few trim pieces.

The paint came back flawless and the bike was completely transformed. The irony is that these things are never complete…after it was “all done” the rear fender was replaced along with the seat.

This bike will always hold a certain sentimental value because it set a personal example of how, even though we supply the parts, we can fully relate to the customer’s feeling of accomplishment after installing them..

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