The Christian Patch Part 1

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Christian Motorcycle Ministries, Christian Motorcycle Clubs, and Riding Clubs


Christian Motorcycle Ministries (M/M), Christian Motorcycle Clubs (MC or CMC) and Christian Riding Clubs (RC) have been around since the 70’s.


There are currently over two hundred different Christian riding groups worldwide. Take a look at the next two pages and you will see most of them; and those are not all. We have another 50 or so to add. Some have been around many years and have earned the respect of the motorcycle public and the biker community and have paid their dues. Others come and go. New Motorcycle Ministries, Christian Clubs and Riding Clubs appear every so often. Most are off springs of an existing group. Where do the new Christian Riding groups come from? We’ll get to that in Part II of this article. This first part is intended to make an introduction to the Christian Patch and the Christian motorcycle world.


Having been involved with the publication of Biker magazines for 18 years (Full Throttle, Thunder Roads and Wheels Of Grace) in three different states (Texas, California and Florida), and being around Christian Bikers since 2001, we have come across enough patches and situations to write a book.


The Christian Patch. Who wears it? Who is that person exactly? What is that person’s role? How that person looked at? What can that person do, or cannot do?


The Christian Patch

M/M (Motorcycle Ministry), MC (Motorcycle Club), CMC (Christian Motorcycle Club), RC (Riding Club) or a Church patch, no matter which you have on your cut, you are a Christian first.


Riding Club (RC) and Church Riding Group

That is for the Rider that likes to ride to church on Sunday, ride with his or her friends to grab a bite, ride a short or long trip for enjoyment, that is a Riding Club not a Motorcycle Ministry. Being a Christian, owning a motorcycle and riding it, does not make one a ‘Motorcycle Minister’. Riding Clubs usually do not have yearly or monthly dues although sometimes they do have fundraising events and other opportunities. The Church riding group, falls under the same criteria than the Christian Riding Club.


Motorcycle Ministry (M/M)

If you are a part of a Motorcycle Ministry and you actually serve and minister to others, than you should have an M/M on your vest. Usually worn on the back of the vest to the right of the main patch or sometimes one M on the left of the main patch and the other M on the right. Also worn on the front of the vest and on the left, and sometimes accompanied by the name of the M/M. Motorcycle Ministries usually have dues as they minister and it takes money to do so. Motorcycle Ministries are Missionaries on motorcycles. If you are a Motorcycle Ministry member, you should be serving and witnessing. If you do not, then you should be riding in an RC (see previous paragraph). And if you are a Motorcycle Ministry member and own and operate a motorcycle you should be giving and supporting your M/M. Your church comes first and the M/M you belong to second. Please! Do not argue on this one, you will lose and we will publish it… with love.


(Christian) Motorcycle Club (MC or CMC)

This is the trickiest one. If you are not a previous 1%er or Club Member that has accepted Christ and is now riding for God, it will be hard for you. It is one thing to “live the club life” and accept Christ, and another to accept Christ and want to live the Club life. Motorcycle Clubs are not for everyone as a matter of fact they are not for most of us. Secular Motorcycle Club life, puts the Club first, family second and everything else third. Sometimes, family and employment are allowed to be placed before the Club and that depends on the Club. However, when you are not working to make a living and your family does not ‘need’ you, the Club comes first. In order to be in a Christian MC, you have to understand that and be OK with it so the ones you are introducing Christ to can respect you. Be ready for some ‘borderline’ living. The events, the riding style the Club meetings are for a different caliber then the average Christian. Your mission field is much smaller but much more borderline when it comes to living Biblically. You need to have a strong sense of obedience to the Scriptures and uncompromising faith. Christian Motorcycle Clubs have monthly dues, put on fundraisers, and your club brothers are your family just like in the secular Motorcycle Club world. Motorcycle Clubs are not supposed to have women as three-piece patch members. So, if you’re ready for some hard riding, tough witnessing and what comes with the Christian MC life, ask someone you know that is a member in one or hang around one. That’s the way you’ll get in.


Pick up our next issue for the detailed Part II of this article.


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