Black Ops International Group PART III

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Black Ops International Group


Last month we discussed a need for some new tactics on the mission field. Simply put, we’re greedy! We want to win more souls over to the “Kingdom of Christ”. So, how can we get more “boots on the ground”?


Enter Black Ops International. We, the Last Disciples, have founded an affiliate organization for people who just want to get on their bikes and go and don’t want to have their heads all cluttered with protocol and the stress of being pulled over by a dominant club, to “check our credentials”, so to speak. Our Black Ops affiliates don’t wear a Back Patch! Only proprietary front patches. There is no “free space” for any commercial patches, junk tags or rally pins, none, zip, nada!

Black Ops members wear only proprietary gear available exclusively through the Last Disciples National Office (see photos posted elsewhere herein).


While riding as a Black Ops pack, the group looks like an outlaw MC, but only from the front. They have strict uniformity and they ride tight and in formation. But from the back, nothing. All clothing is black and white just like the Last Disciples. All applicants in new areas, who have no contacts or connections within their area, simply “go among the people”, meeting and greeting the primary “players” (club patch holders) in their areas. They go forth as “a group of Christian men who like riding Harleys and fellowshipping together”. They make it known that they are Not a Club! A Black Ops Group member can remain as Black Ops forever, or be patched-in as a Last Disciple member (after 1-year of membership and exclusive protocol and spiritual training). But only when and if they are welcomed by their “dominant club” to do so. That can and does happen. But usually (with Black Ops) it’s just a guy or two, in a new state or town, who like riding together, but want to be more involved in a “true brotherhood”, without all the politics. The big MCs are not really very interested in a group of Christian riders who are not wearing back patches.


However, with that said, when the Black Ops brothers are off the bikes and mixing in public, secular club members are very curious. In their world, they have to be. The Black Ops cut, draws them in because of the proprietary front patches.


Biker: “Humm, who are these guys”?


Us: “Oh Hi, I’m Joe Blow from Tupelo. Yah, we are just a group of brothers who like to ride together and share our faith along the way.”


Biker: “Well where’s your back patch?”


Us: “Oh, we don’t have one, we’re not a club.”


Biker: “Okayyyy …”


Us: “Here let me give you a card” (tract).


At this point, the intro has been made, the door has opened for further disclosure, and names may be exchanged. Then you can tell them if they were doing any fundraisers you would love to support them. You start going to the “open rallies” and runs and soon become known as “good guys”. Use your servant’s heart and then let the Holy Spirit be your guide.


One of the big advantages here, other than the obvious (such as minimizing hassles) is that dual association is possible since Black Ops is not a club. Dual membership allows trained and qualified members to fly a Last Disciples MC patch where cleared in advance to do so by the dominant club, but in all other areas of the globe they can roll as “non-club” Black Ops. It simply opens the door to witness more. “How so” you ask? Well, the look lends credibility and begs the question: “Who are you guys?” It draws people in. It opens a door. It’s obvious they have an agenda. Whether a person is representing the Last Disciples MC or Black Ops Int’l, everyone who asks, gets a word, a prayer and/or a tract. It simplifies the whole process and we can reach twice as many people while doing what we love to do!


Everything on a Last Disciples cut has a spiritual or Biblical meaning. And everything on a Black Ops Int’l vest is non-invasive and non-offensive, to anyone. For further information, see the description and explanation in the next edition of Wheels Of Grace (#54).



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