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There is nothing better than looking at a customized ride knowing that the custom parts were fabricated and not ordered. This tech-article features the basics of extending a fender.

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To stretch a fender, begin with 18-gauge steel cut to 18” long and however long you want the fender extended. In this case we used 5.5” width.

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Cut the fender below the taillight hole with anything that cuts steel, steak knifes or if using your biker knife may take a little longer to cut. Next, bent the extended piece on the curvature of the fender using 1 3/4” pipe attached to the vice. Having an expert like Nathan in the photo doing the work always makes thing easy.

GRM 7.2 Website Bashing Steel Pic_3-2


The extension piece can now be lined up and welded to the top end of the fender; then add the tail (we used a mig welder with a low heat setting).

GRM 7.2 Website Bashing Steel Pic_4

With the fender now welded together it’s time to bend the edges down. Start with using a body hammer and dolly, then pound it into submission to the bend that you desire. Start grinding the weld smoothly and take it to paint.

GRM 7.2 Website Bashing Steel Pic_5-2


This is a quick overview of how to stretch a fender, you may come across problems such as warpage or nothing lining up right, etc… but don’t get discouraged; it’s takes a little practice and remember it’s metal and it can be beat into submission.

GRM 7.2 Website Bashing Steel Pic_6

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