A Sportster?  I Grew Up on a Sportster!

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Onramp to the 316 Highway


A Sportster?  I Grew Up on a Sportster!

For our 5th wedding anniversary, I surprised my wife with a 2001 883 Sportster!  She talked about getting one often.  After lowering it, putting on ‘buckhorn’ handlebars, and forward controls, there was still one thing missing: CHROME!  We started acquiring things like a chrome oil tank cover, derby cover, horn, etc.


Finally, I warned her “Once you’re on the Chrome Freeway, there are no offramps!”  There is no end to what can be chromed.


In a remotely similar way, once you are on the Bible-learning Freeway, there are no offramps.  But where to get on the Freeway?  Try these “316 onramps” to learning Scripture.  There is no end to what you can learn by experience of the Lord Jesus!


Milepost 4 on the



A Harley Sportster is an American Icon, no questions asked!  Remember in Wild Hogs, when Dudley encountered Jack in the Del Fuegos’ club house, and told him he rides ‘just a Sportster’,

Jack shouted, “A Sportster?  I grew up on a Sportster.  And I’m taking yours!”

The Harley Sportster is essentially unchanged since its introduction in 1957; 45-degree V-Twin, modest dimensions, and fast!  It’s an icon, a symbol, the real deal, and a great bike.  Harley calls it The Great American Freedom Machine.  “Simple, Righteous, Bare Knuckle Style.  You don’t need a lot to have it all.”


Just as the Sportster is an icon of the American motorcycle, John 3:16 is an icon for the Bible.  Someone has written, “We’ve all seen the sign. Sometimes it is along a highway or painted on a rock by the road. If you have seen a baseball game, there it is in the stands—right behind home plate. And watching a football game, there it is, in the background, when a field goal is attempted.”


Some road signs are more important than others.  If I see one that says, “San Diego 350 miles”, my response will likely be “No need for urgency.”  But “Bridge Out 1/2 mile” lets me know an immediate response is necessary.  John 3:16 is such a sign on the Highway of Life.  We ignore it to our own peril!


But did you know it is an actual quote from Jesus Christ?  He was talking to a confused, but smart, man who thought he had to do a lot of religious works, never slip up, and always be a model citizen.  Jesus alleviated him of that wrong thinking:


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

“You mean I don’t have to do anything to be right with God?”  No, just believe (trust) Jesus.  Sure, you’ll become more loving as life progresses.  And that isn’t bad.  Even if you’re currently ‘bad to the bone’, just come as you are.  Jesus will welcome you home.


If you’ve put a bunch of bucks into customizing your bike, you’ve probably heard this; “Paint and chrome don’t get you home.” But Jesus will if you take Him at His Word.



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