1970 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car

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You Can Own This Police Model Harley-Davidson Servi-Car

In Part ByJustin Kelly

Just imagine giving pretend parking tickets to all your friends. Some people might think factory-made Harley-Davidson Trikes are a relatively new thing. Those people have never heard of the Servi-Car. After two failed attempts to find a niche in the commercial market, first with the motorcycle truck in 1913, and then the package truck in 1916, Harley finally found success with the Servi-Car.




The first Servi-car was built in 1932 and featured an R-series, side-valve V-twin. In later years, they would be equipped with a 45 inch flathead. It went on to become Harley’s longest produced motorcycle—finally going out of production in 1973. While it was intended for and used by many different types of businesses, the Servi-car became especially popular with police departments. They were often seen being used by parking-enforcement or traffic control during parades or to escort funeral processions.




This 1970 Harley-Davidson Servi-Car was purchased new for the City of Torrance, California Police Department from Hutchins Harley-Davidson of Yucca Valley, and was later reacquired by the proprietor of the dealership after being retired from service. It was then refurbished and put on display at the Hutchins Harley-Davidson museum, from whom it was purchased by its previous owner five years ago. The new and current owner Rob E. is the lucky winner that bid $14,290.00 and won this unique Servi-Car but it did not come with the police uniform but it did come with the original registration!





Power is from a 45ci V-twin driving a solid rear axle with two wheels via a three-speed manual transmission, and the bike features a fiberglass cargo box. The battery and driveline fluids were changed in preparation for the sale. This Harley Servi-Car was offered on by the selling dealer in Arizona with its original registration card and a clean California title.


This three-wheeler is finished in black and white police-style livery, and is thought to have been refurbished years ago by its previous owner, Richard “Hutch” Hutchins. Equipment consists of a hydraulic telescopic fork, front and rear drum brakes, a windscreen, and pursuit lights.






Black steel wheels wear chrome hubcaps and bias-ply tires. The fiberglass trunk features a Harley-Davidson badge, quadruple tail lamps, and a chrome bumper strip. Pictures of the interior are shown in the gallery below. A tank-mounted lever is used to shift gears, and the 85-mph speedometer includes a five-digit odometer showing seven miles. Total mileage is unknown. The 45ci flathead V-twin drives the dual rear wheels through a three-speed manual transmission with reverse. An electric starter was standard equipment, and the clutch pedal is located on the right. Service in preparation for the sale reported included replacement of the battery and fluids.



Exhaust is routed through a muffler mounted below the chain-driven solid rear axle, which is located by telescopic shocks and coil springs. The laminated original California registration card from 1970 is included in the sale.